California Family Law: How Is Property Divided in Divorce?

Dividing property is one of the most stressful aspects of divorce that can sometimes lead to prolonged and bitter disputes. If a couple cannot agree upon the key aspects of the division, it may be the court that ultimately decides who ends up with what when the divorce comes into effect. Of course, the decision of the court is based on the guidelines provided by California family law. In this article, we will Read More

How to Find the Right Guardian for Your Child

Choosing a guardian for one’s child is probably the single hardest decision a parent can ever make. For some parents, the mere thought of another person raising their child may be so heart-wrenching that they avoid making this decision altogether. However, not choosing a suitable guardian for your minor child may actually jeopardize their future emotional and financial stability. How so? In case of parents’ Read More

California Family Law Basics: Understanding the Legal Basis for Terminating Parental Rights to a Child

The “termination of parental rights” is a process that completely severs any and all legal ties a parent has with a child. As a result of the termination, that parent no longer has any obligations towards, and relinquish all legal rights, over the children. A termination of parental rights is an extreme process, and in most cases, it is irreversible. That's why the regulations that govern it in California are very Read More

Understanding Visitation Rights in a Military Divorce

A divorce with children is always going to be more complicated. It will require some effort to establish a visitation schedule that works for everyone involved. For military couples, this process can be even more difficult given it will likely involve deployments, unpredictable hours, and other issues. Whether one or both parents are in the military, it is important to know your rights when it comes to visitation Read More

Getting Divorced? How to Protect Your Kids through the Process

Going through a divorce is difficult for everyone involved, especially the kids. In order to minimize any negative impact on children, it is important to consciously make an effort to shelter them from any type of drama, negativity, and other common issues that arise during a divorce.  Of course, this is much easier said than done. Read through the following proven tips and see which ones will work in your Read More

A Quick Guide to the Step-Parent Adoption in California

Adopting a stepchild is a beautiful event that takes place in many families. Many people are surprised, however, at just how complicated it can be from a legal point of view. Learning about how this process works, what potential legal obstacles can come up, and how to overcome them, is very important. The following are some key points to understand when considering a step-parent adoption in California. If you have Read More

6 Things to Know About How California Courts Decide on Child Custody

When going to the courts to determine child custody, it is important to know what to expect. This starts with learning about how the courts in California make decisions regarding child custody. The courts will work to put the “best interests of the children” first, but that is pretty vague and can be confusing to many people. Read on to learn about several specific factors that the courts will consider, and how they Read More

Divorce in the Military: 4 Things You Need to Know

A military divorce is a non-legal term used to describe any divorce where one, or both, of the parties are active duty members of any branch of the US Armed Forces. While military divorces go through the same basic processes as a civilian divorce, there are some scenarios that are unique to those who are serving their country. Understanding what you can expect when divorcing in the military can help you prepare, and Read More

Are You the Father? A Shortlist of FAQs on Establishing Paternity in California

Having a child is one of the most joyous things you will ever experience in your life. If you are in a situation where the paternity of the father is in question or being denied, however, it can become quite a challenge. Establishing paternity in California is usually a fairly easy process. Read through some of the most common questions about establishing paternity, and get the answers you need. Q) Do I Have to Read More

Understanding the Concept of Annulment in California

If you are married and don’t want to be anymore, there are two options available to you in California. Divorce is the most common option, and is the only option for most people. In certain specific instances though, California law allows a marriage to be annulled. Rather than ending a marriage, as divorces do, a legal annulment makes it so the marriage never took place or existed. How is this so? Well, unlike a Read More

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