Where Are You On Your Journey?

Where are you on your journey?


Ending a Relationship/
Thinking About

The first step is talking to someone else. We want you to know you have options.

In the Middle
of a Case?

If you are in the middle of a divorce, we know how difficult it can be. Whether you’ve just been served the papers, we can help you.


Everyone who has been divorced knows that things are not always perfect the moment the divorce is finalized.


While relationships may end, both parents have a duty to be part of their children’s lives. Neither parent should try and dictate what access...

Because the Law Is Not Black and White

Because the Law Is Not
Black and White®

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Our Practice Areas

Our Practice Areas

and Legal

Whether it’s the permanent decision of a divorce or the temporary space of a separation, The Grey Legal Group is here to help you find the right path.

Child Custody and

Most parent’s number one priority in a divorce is to insure their children are protected and stay in their custody. We will work with you like they were our own children.

Child Support
and Spousal

No matter what financial situation you are used to, it will change following a divorce. We will help you determine - how much support you should be giving or receiving.

Matters and

We know all too well that finalized your divorce does not mean that everything is perfect. Elements of your Divorce Agreement like Child and Spousal Support .

Domestic Violence

It may seem like a rare occurrence to some, but domestic violence affects thousands of people throughout the United States. We have experience dealing with this delicate matter.


When parents aren’t able to take care of their child for a variety of reasons, a third party can sometimes step in and request custody of the child. This is called guardianship.


When you adopt your spouse’s child in California, you’ll be taking a huge step, gaining all the same rights and responsibilities of a biological parent.We have represented both sides.

Free Resources

Free Resources

Your Short Guide to Navigating a California Divorce

8 Lies TV Tells You About Family Law Court Cases

With you on your journey

With you on
your journey

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I have had nothing but a good experience working with attorney Erik K. Oh and the rest of the Grey legal team. We got the outcome we hoped for. Highly…
Alea Allington
My family and I will forever be thankful for Michael Bender. He has worked long and hard on my case and was successful.. Every case will have its ups …
Mike is a great, knowledgeable and experienced attorney. He represented me and is a second generation lawyer. I would recommend him to anyone for his …
Allison helped me through a normally difficult annulment process. She was attentive to my situation every step of the way, took the time to explain to…
Grey and legal has been a big help in a custody battle I’ve always been a step behind. I would definitely recommend this legal group to anyone. Wort…
They say a doctor who operates on himself has a fool for a patient. As I found out, this goes for legal work as well. When I did my own divorce, I was…
John M.
I have been working with Attorney Michael Bender since 2011. He has done his due diligence every step of the way. He has always performed at a level h…
Erik D.
I used them for a past divorce and had a great experience. I needed an Attorney that was knowledgeable with DFAS and with Military retirement, child s…
The attorneys at Grey Legal Group have been there for me during this process. Answering my many questions honestly. Even when I did not like the answe…
Joseph R.
I was referred to Allison Tilton after not being happy with my previous attorney. It’s not because that attorney wasn’t good, we just had differin…
Basil M.
I am a new client with the Grey Legal Group, but so far everything has been up to my expectations. They are very caring and they have made my divorce …
I am a single mother of 3 and have been embroiled in a contentious custody battle for the last three years. Unfortunate for me, my “Ex” has a lot …
Lorena M.
Excellent group of professionals who care about their client’s needs deeply.
Eric C.
Michael Bender has represented me throughout my child custody case multiple times and has handled everything in perfect manor. All my requests have be…
Wish I came to this office sooner. A friend recommended this legal firm on many occasions. So I met with Allison and she was great. She took her time …
Allison is definitely the best. She helped me every step of the way and she listened to my needs and helped me to stay focused. I was able to contact …
I came to Allison and The Grey Law Group when in June my husband of 35 years filed for divorce. Allison was great to work with! I have heard friends s…
Sue Gibson
Allison is one of the most knowledgeable attorneys I know when it comes to Family Law. I have consulted with her many times on my cases when they have…
I came to the gray Legal Group when I needed some family law help, Allison the attorney I worked with was great. Things were done in a very timely man…
Giget Davis

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Latest Blogs

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Schedule a Consultation with the Click of a Button

Schedule a Consultation with the Click of a Button