Navigating Summer Vacations: Effective Time Splitting For Divorced Parents

Divorce is a challenging and emotional experience for anyone, especially when it comes to co-parenting. It involves deciding how you will split time with your kids during summer vacation. At The Grey Legal Group, APC, we understand how fundamental it is for children to have a stable and healthy environment. We published this blog to explore different ways that divorced parents can adopt to spend quality time with their children during the summer months. Parents can avoid several common pitfalls by planning, adhering to schedules, and engaging in open communication. 

Detailed Planning Avoids Last-Minute Conflicts

Planning in advance is fundamental. By proactively discussing your summer vacation schedule with your former spouse, you are laying the groundwork to avoid an avoidable conflict. Though it seems obvious, given what we just stated, start early. There is nothing wrong with discussing summer plans in January because it provides you time to correct and resolve scheduling conflicts. 

When you reach out this early, be deliberate and exchange information regarding where you want to go on vacation and when you wish to go. When both parents have the information, they can begin discussing how to accommodate one another’s intentions and needs. Additionally, both of you need to be flexible. Be open to compromise. Although this may seem like backing down, it isn’t. When you are open to listening to your spouse, they will be encouraged to do the same. 

Stick to the Agreed-Upon Schedule

Once a summer vacation has been set, both parents must commit to it. If nothing else, it provides stability and consistency for your children. When it comes to pickup and drop-off times, be punctual and reliable. This is critical for maintaining trust and promoting a healthy co-parenting relationship. 

When former spouses don’t get along, it may be tempting to adjust the schedule to aggravate the other parent. Don’t. Remember, you must act in the child’s best interest, which significantly supersedes any petty desire to hurt or anger your former spouse. However, we understand that unexpected circumstances require you to modify your schedule. When this happens, communicate it immediately. Be apologetic. The goal is to create an environment where you can discuss the changes. 

Communication Is Critical 

Effective communication is a prerequisite for being a successful co-parent, which also applies to summer vacations. If an event gets changed, tell your former spouse. These regular updates will foster trust and allow the other parent to stay in the child’s life. For example, if you go to a theme park, send the other parent pictures of your child having a good time. Again, this should not be done out of spite but rather to allow the other parent to be a small part of the child’s fun. When you travel, you can give the other a detailed itinerary. 

  • Travel dates
  • Contact information
  • Emergency protocols

Use your best judgment on what you need to share. In terms of emergency protocols, imagine the child has a cashew allergy. Simply telling the other parent that you have an Epi-pen on hand is enough to show you have put thought into your plan. 

Navigate Divorce with The Grey Legal Group, APC

Divorce parents face a host of unique challenges when it comes to splitting time with their children. Don’t add to the stress that you are currently facing. Plan well in advance, follow the schedule, and maintain open lines of communication. This is a recipe for creating a supportive and stable environment for your kids to grow up in. If you have further questions or would like to meet with one of our established family law attorneys, contact our office to set up a consultation

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