Comprehensive Overview Of Child Support In California

When it comes to raising children, you’re probably familiar with the saying “It takes a village.” This age-old proverb emphasizes the effort and support - including monetary support - needed by more than one party to ensure a child’s needs are met. While having the opportunity to raise children is a gift, it’s also challenging, even for couples who are together and well-off financially. For single parents, it can be Read More

New Beginnings: The Power of Kindness in Child Custody Agreements

This month we are focusing on new beginnings as we inch forward in the New Year. Although many people would not equate this concept to divorce, it is important to remember that the things you do during the divorce process will impact the next chapter of your life. With that in mind, working through child custody agreements is challenging for families. It is often marked by conflict and emotional distress. However, Read More

6 Things To Avoid Doing During Your Divorce

Divorce is undeniably one of the most difficult transitions you can go through, no matter what your reasons are for getting one. The legal and emotional implications can have serious short and long-term effects on your life. You’re likely aware that as you navigate the sensitive process of ending your marriage, there are a myriad of steps you need to take to reach an ideal resolution. There are also a variety of Read More

Dealing with Debt and Credit Issues During Divorce

Divorce is a challenging process that will affect your life, and this extends to your finances. Among these financial concerns, dealing with debt and credit issues is a significant hurdle for many people who are working through the divorce process. The goal is to clarify these matters and guide anyone navigating the complexities of dealing with debt or credit issues during a divorce. Understanding Your Financial Read More

8 Common Divorce Questions Answered

Divorce is a significant decision with a variety of legal and emotional implications involved. Navigating the complexities intertwined in ending a marriage can be overwhelming when you’re already grappling with your emotions and uncertainty of what’s to come. As you begin to transition out of this phase of your life, you might be asking yourself a myriad of questions you don’t have the answer to! This blog, "Eight Read More

The Impact Of Deployments on Military Divorces

Being deployed is a period of separation and change. It poses several challenges for families as well as active-duty members of the military. It is a time filled with uncertainty, adjustment, and, often, a re-evaluation of personal and familial relationships. Notably, the divorce rate among military personnel is higher than among civilians. This may be because of the pressures of deployment and how long they last. Read More

Decoding Divorce: Breaking Down How Contested And Uncontested Divorce Can Lead You To A New Beginning

No matter what you and your spouse’s reasons for divorce are, navigating divorce is never an easy thing to do. When you make the difficult decision to part ways with the person you vowed to spend forever with, it can be challenging to sort through all of the legal options available to you while simultaneously managing the emotional aspects of your split. There are a lot of words and legal lingo you may not Read More

When You Fear Your Spouse Is Going To Flee With Your Child 

When you are in a custody dispute, immediate and precise action is vital if there's even a hint of the other parent planning an unsanctioned out-of-state relocation with the child. Promptly consulting your attorney is crucial because they can provide accurate advice and help tailor a solution specific to your circumstances. Any suggestive evidence, such as plans, reservations, or communications, should be compiled Read More

Co-Parenting Successfully: Strategies for Effective Communication

The ability to effectively communicate with your co-parent plays a vital role in ensuring the emotional well-being of your children while navigating the aftermath of divorce. Divorce can get complicated even when children are not involved. You and the person you vowed to spend your life with have to divide up the assets and property you acquired during your marriage, and you likely will struggle with a wide range of Read More

The Grey Legal Group, APC Achieves Inc. 5000 Award

The Grey Legal Group, APC Ranks No. 2,971 on the 2023 Inc. 5000 Among America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies. This remarkable achievement places us as the 26th law firm nationally, a remarkable 3rd in the legal industry for California, and the fastest growing law firm in the Inland Empire. “Achieving this accomplishment reflects the hard work and commitment all team members have at The Grey Legal Group, Read More

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