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Passionate About Helping Families Grow

Families mean a lot to us, both personally and professionally. Families can grow and change in so many ways, like when babies are born, stepchildren are adopted, and spouses divorce to make room for new possibilities (and new relationships) in their lives. At The Grey Legal Group, we understand that sometimes families need help to keep growing—and oftentimes that help should come from a highly qualified lawyer. Our exceptional family law attorneys provide personalized legal services within a wide range of categories.

Divorce will involve a lot of work—dividing your property and debts in a fair and equitable way, assigning custody of your children, and so on—but our lawyers are up to the task. 

Annulment is more like a marriage cancellation, and it can only be done under very specific circumstances in the state of California. 

Paternity can help unmarried parents establish their rights and responsibilities, but they must have help from a capable attorney.

Child Custody & Visitation means figuring out who will take care of the kids, and who will make major decisions about their lives. 

Child Support aims to calculate the financial responsibility each parent owes to their children; our attorneys can make sure it’s divvied up fairly. 

Spousal Support, with a lawyer’s guidance, can help one former spouse maintain a standard of living similar to the one they enjoyed during marriage. 

Domestic Violence is a traumatic experience, but our attorneys have the legal tools to protect individuals who have been abused by a spouse, partner, or other family member. 

Jurisdiction can become a big problem in international divorces, divorces spanning different states, and military divorces—unless you have a competent lawyer on the case. 

Legal Separation allows both spouses to have some breathing room if they are considering divorce, or if they don’t want to divorce for legal reasons. 

Move-Away Requests give parents the right to move a child to a different geographic area, and our team has experience in obtaining and defending these requests.

Post-Judgment Modifications will modify your final divorce decree in light of new circumstances, like a job loss or a remarriage. 

Post-Judgment Enforcement means enforcing your court orders and making sure your former spouse or other parent complies, which is best done with the help of a skilled lawyer. 

Property & Debt Division can become complicated if you don’t have the right attorney by your side, even with California’s calculation system.

Guardianship allows a non-parent, like a grandparent or friend of the family, to step in and take responsibility for a child whose parents are unable to give adequate care.

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders have to do with dividing retirement plans and pension accounts between both parties in a divorce, which is made much easier with a lawyer’s help. 

Step-parent Adoption will terminate a biological parent’s rights and let a stepparent become the child’s new legal parent, as long as you’ve retained a good lawyer to help.

We understand that every family has its own qualities, quirks, and challenges, which is why we will never provide you with cookie-cutter legal services. You’re more than a case number to us. Here at The Grey Legal Group, we always take the time to sit down one-on-one with every new client and determine their individual needs.

Give us a call to speak with a compassionate and effective family law attorney who can bring decades of experience to your case. We would be happy to help you schedule a confidential consultation.

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