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I’m very happy with everything very satisfied with the way I was treated and everything was taken care of right and in a timely manner.

Roger Jessee

Grey Legal was great to work with on a few occasions. Expectations were set, communications were clear and the office overall was great to work with. I would definitely go back if the need arises.

Cindy Gutierrez

I recently had the pleasure of utilizing the services of Grey Legal to handle my QDRO case, and I must say, I am thoroughly satisfied with the entire process. The speed and ease of the process were impressive, and I am pleased to report that it was completed successfully within a reasonable timeframe. Allison, my assigned attorney, was extremely attentive to my concerns and ensured that they were all addressed in my case. Based on my positive experience, I confidently recommend The Grey Legal Group to my friends and family.

Norma Vasquez

I was so overwhelmed by all the knowledge and support from the entire team. Going through a divorce and custody battle as a single Mom of three is not easy but with The Grey Legal Group I was at ease and supported every step of the way. I will definitely be returning to them for any future needs and highly recommend this impression determined and compassionate team of legal experts.

Renee Cairns

The Grey Legal Group has been the best legal team to work with. This can seem like such a long and hard process but I have felt supported at every step. My lawyer Michael Bender has been great in court and my Paralegal Molly and her assistant Allyx have been the biggest help along the way. They get back to me pretty quickly and I always feel like I am heard and helped. Great law firm to have on your side.

Cassandra Orozco

I have had nothing but a good experience working with attorney Erik K. Oh and the rest of the Grey legal team. We got the outcome we hoped for. Highly recommend. Thanks again Grey group.

Alea Allington

They say a doctor who operates on himself has a fool for a patient. As I found out, this goes for legal work as well. When I did my own divorce, I was able to get it done, but ended up on the short end of a bad agreement. Attorney Tilton at Grey Legal has been able to pick up the pieces and get me on the way to a situation that is fair for everyone concerned. I’m impressed with her expertise and professionalism and am thankful for her handling of this difficult and stressful situation. I highly recommend Grey Legal for divorce and family law needs.

John M.

I am a new client with the Grey Legal Group, but so far everything has been up to my expectations. They are very caring and they have made my divorce and child custody not as scary as I thought it would be. It is very easy to get ahold of someone when I have questions and they are very understanding. I would definitely recommend The Grey Legal Group to everyone.


My family and I will forever be thankful for Michael Bender. He has worked long and hard on my case and was successful.. Every case will have its ups and downs, but I knew right after I met Michael Bender, he would be the one to get me where I wanted to be. He was professional and honest and kept in touch with me and replied to every voicemail I left and addressed every concern with his most honest opinion. I have and always will appreciate working with Bender and will recommend him to anyone. He absolutely made my children TOP priority and helped me voice it. I couldn’t have done all that he did on my own. Thank you!


Wish I came to this office sooner. A friend recommended this legal firm on many occasions. So I met with Allison and she was great. She took her time and explained everything to me. I left there feeling much more confident and ready to deal with my on going divorce. I am happy with how things have been moving along so far. I have faith in Allison and the team there that she will correct what was wrong and get me through this divorce the right way. The front office staff is very friendly and made me feel welcome and comfortable. I can sleep a little easier at night knowing I have Allison on my side. Thank you!!!!


The attorneys at Grey Legal Group have been there for me during this process. Answering my many questions honestly. Even when I did not like the answer. They gave me the re-assurance I needed when my ex would do crazy stuff. I would recommend Attorneys Tilton and Bender if you need help.

Joseph R.

Mike is a great, knowledgeable and experienced attorney. He represented me and is a second generation lawyer. I would recommend him to anyone for his calm competence and courtroom manner.


I used them for a past divorce and had a great experience. I needed an Attorney that was knowledgeable with DFAS and with Military retirement, child support, spousal support and custody. If you are a military spouse it is very important that you choose an Attorney that knows the system. Michael Bender was very professional and goes above and beyond for his clients. I highly recommend this family law firm.


Grey and legal has been a big help in a custody battle I’ve always been a step behind. I would definitely recommend this legal group to anyone. Worth every dollar spent and they maximize it as well. I’d also say do the right thing because karma is real especially if you have good representation!


I came to the gray Legal Group when I needed some family law help, Allison the attorney I worked with was great. Things were done in a very timely manner and I was very impressed with them. I have worked with other attorneys in the past ( but was not impressed)and I would come back to the Gray Legal Group because of their efficiency and professional manners. I highly recommend them.

Giget Davis

I am a single mother of 3 and have been embroiled in a contentious custody battle for the last three years. Unfortunate for me, my “Ex” has a lot more resources at his disposal than I do. Unfortunate for him, I have Grey Legal Group at my disposal. Since the very beginning, Grey has been fantastic to work with. They listen, consult and strategize, which makes me feel comfortable in the entire process. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. thank you!

Lorena M.

Allison helped me through a normally difficult annulment process. She was attentive to my situation every step of the way, took the time to explain to me in what was going on, and kept me informed on what I could expect to happen next. I feel confident in recommending her to anyone I know that is looking for family law assistance.


I came to Allison and The Grey Law Group when in June my husband of 35 years filed for divorce. Allison was great to work with! I have heard friends say their divorces drag on forever but Allison handled everything so professionally and I was divorced in 6 months!! I highly recommend her !! I have recommended Allison to anyone who asks me who handled my divorce.

Sue Gibson

Allison is definitely the best. She helped me every step of the way and she listened to my needs and helped me to stay focused. I was able to contact her office if I needed any explanations or had any questions and she took the time to make sure that I understood what was happening with my case and paperwork (which can be very daunting). She treated me with respect and dignity even when I was emotional. I felt like she had my best interests in mind during the whole process. I would recommend Allison Tilton to anyone who is looking for a divorce or family lawyer.


Allison is one of the most knowledgeable attorneys I know when it comes to Family Law. I have consulted with her many times on my cases when they have a family law component. In addition, I have referred numerous clients to Allison. I have had many of them thank me for sending them to her. I have never heard a complaint from anyone I sent to her.


Michael Bender has represented me throughout my child custody case multiple times and has handled everything in perfect manor. All my requests have been meet on time and followed through perfectly. Thanks again for the great legal help. I will recommend Mr. Bender to anyone in need of family legal representation.


I have been working with Attorney Michael Bender since 2011. He has done his due diligence every step of the way. He has always performed at a level higher than I have expected. I would recommend him and his office to anyone. His courtroom etiquette is above reproach. His legal advice is without false hopes. You don’t want a shark; you want the Grey Legal Group.

Erik D.

I was referred to Allison Tilton after not being happy with my previous attorney. It’s not because that attorney wasn’t good, we just had differing opinions on how to handle my case.  Allison stepped in and right away we developed a good working relationship.  She is knowledgeable, attentive, responsive, professional, and courteous. She has the added benefit of having a background in tax law, which was very helpful to me as a business owner. Her follow-up was excellent, as was her tenacity in the courtroom and fighting for things I needed.  She tried to expedite my case to avoid unnecessary litigation and costs. Though she could not control opposing counsel, she did her best to help in this regard. Most lawyers do not think this way, they want to drag your case on to pad your bill (I.e. which is what happened with the other side in my case). You always hope you don’t need a lawyer, but when you do, you want to make sure it’s someone who’s going to go to bat for you. Allison was that attorney for me.

Basil M.

Excellent group of professionals who care about their client’s needs deeply.

Eric C.

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