Post-Divorce Matters and Enforcement

Keeping Your Judgement Up to Date

At The Grey Legal Group, we know all too well that finalized your divorce does not mean that everything is perfect forever. Elements of your Divorce Agreement like Child and Spousal Support are based on income and situation, which change over time. We can help make modifications that reflect this. We can also help with enforcement of agreements in situations where your ex is not following the agreed-upon methods.

Some of the post-divorce matters we can help with includes:

  • Support Modifications
  • Child Custody Modifications
  • Move-Away Requests
  • Enforcement of Support
  • Enforcement of Custody
  • Handling Property Issues
  • Separation Modifications
  • And Much More!

When things get complicated, you don’t have to get overwhelmed. Contact The Grey Legal Group today to get help with any post-divorce matters you have. The law is not black and white, and your divorce agreement is not written in stone and intended to never change.

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