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Your Burning Questions Answered

Have you ever wondered how a California family law case gets started, or how child support, custody, and property rights are handled in court? Our knowledgeable attorneys have recorded the answers to your most frequently asked questions in video. Be sure to check back for new videos, and contact our law firm with your pressing questions!

Five Unexpected Feelings You Might Experience During Your Divorce

The end of a marriage is never easy. If you’ve decided to get a divorce, you’re probably expecting to feel a lot of negative feelings throughout the process -- grief, bitterness, anger, worry, stress. While it’s true that these are feelings you’re likely to encounter, you may be surprised by some of the more positive emotions you experience along the way. After all, you wouldn’t be getting a divorce if everything Read More

Three Divorce Myths Dispelled

Divorce is an emotional process. It only makes matters worse that there are so many myths and common misconceptions floating around making it difficult to get a full, clear picture of what to expect. Today, we’re busting a few of the most prevalent divorce myths to help our clients face this process with more realistic expectations.  1. Fathers barely ever get custody of their children.  This myth stems from a less Read More

How to File Motions of Contempt to Force Your Former Spouse to Cooperate

If your former spouse is not cooperating with court orders after your divorce, it can be very frustrating. You went through the court process and a judge made the ruling -- that your ex-husband needs to pay child support, for instance. If he isn’t doing what he was ordered to do, it can be bad for you. You see your children suffering because you don’t have enough money to provide certain things for them. You know Read More

Insurance and Divorce: How Your Policies Might Be Affected

With all of the emotional and financial demands that come with divorce, the last thing you want to worry about is an accident or illness bankrupting you. Ensuring that you maintain appropriate health and car insurance during and after a divorce is crucial. However, divorce can impact your coverage options and expenses, so you should plan ahead. Health Insurance Options During and After Divorce If both parties have Read More

What to Do If You Are Served with Divorce Papers

In California, either spouse in a marriage can ask to end the legal relationship by serving the other spouse with a petition and summons for dissolution. In most cases, the couple is on the same page about getting a divorce, and they’ve decided together that it is necessary to end their marriage. Unfortunately, there may be times when being served with divorce papers comes as a surprise. California law states that Read More

3 Ways Domestic Violence Can Be More Than Physical

Domestic violence is a silent yet ubiquitous problem. It is estimated that, on average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States which translates into 10 million people a year. Domestic violence hotlines across the country receive more than 20,000 phone calls reporting instances of abuse every day. And even though these numbers are already distressing, what’s even Read More

3 Common Reasons a Divorce Can Become Contested

Divorce is never easy. Even when both spouses come to a mutual understanding that their relationship is beyond repair and both wish to terminate their marriage, the process itself is often emotionally taxing. However, a divorce can be even more nerve-wracking if the spouses can’t reach an agreement with regards to crucial matters such as child custody and child support or the details of the division of Read More

3 Steps to Take If Your Ex Stops Paying Child Support

In California, receiving financial support and care from parents is every child's legal right. This right remains in force from the moment a child is born until they reach the age of 18 or 19 if still enrolled in high school. Both parents are obliged to provide such support whether they are married, divorced, or separated. If one parent refuses to comply with his or her obligation to provide for a child, the other Read More

3 Tips for Healthy Co-Parenting Following a Divorce

Regardless of how your marriage ends, things get complicated when you and your ex-spouse have children and a custody arrangement in place that you both need to respect. Of course, you likely understand how important co-parenting is for your children's psychological development and emotional well-being. However, the challenges of co-parenting aren’t as insurmountable as they may seem at first. In fact, there is a lot Read More

New Beginnings: 3 Tips to Starting a New Life Following Divorce

For many of those who experience divorce, the period just after the papers are signed can be as equally challenging as the divorce itself. For some, starting a new life following the divorce may be even more difficult and confusing. For example, a newly divorced person may find it hard to re-adjust to living as a single person again. Additionally, a new set of circumstances related to custody arrangements, a change Read More

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