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Your Burning Questions Answered

Have you ever wondered how a California family law case gets started, or how child support, custody, and property rights are handled in court? Our knowledgeable attorneys have recorded the answers to your most frequently asked questions in video. Be sure to check back for new videos, and contact our law firm with your pressing questions!

3 Tips for Halloween for Separated and Divorced Parents

For some co-parents, Spooky Season doesn’t mean watching scary movies or eating too much candy corn. It means having to talk to your ex. The holiday season kicks off with a sinister favorite, Halloween, which leads directly into Thanksgiving and Christmas. For many separated and divorced parents, this is the time of the year when they need to communicate most with their ex. While it can be difficult, there are some Read More

5 Warning Signs That You Should Prepare For a Divorce

All marriages have their ups and downs. Just because you’ve been more busy than usual, or you’re going through a stressful time, doesn’t necessarily mean that things are doomed. If you are noticing consistent patterns, however, it might be worth paying attention to. Odds are, if you are sensing that a divorce might be on the horizon, then your spouse is too. If a divorce is heading your way, you’ll want to prepare Read More

5 Helpful Back to School Tips for Divorced Parents

Saying goodbye to the summer and going back to school is always a bittersweet time for families. This year, however, will be unlike any before. In California, the majority of students will be going back to school in person for the first time in almost two years. Some children who started kindergarten or first grade virtually will even be attending school in person for the first time ever. That’s a big adjustment for Read More

How Can I Get Child Support in California?

At The Grey Legal Group, we try to highlight coparenting every month in our Blogs. Wherever possible, having more than one parent raise a child is an important thing. Raising a child means more than just taking them to school every day. It also means financially providing for them until they are able to provide for themselves. In California, both parents have a fiduciary responsibility to their child. For divorced Read More

Why Coparenting is Essential in California

Divorces happen. That’s just a simple fact of life in America: roughly every other marriage ends in divorce. Around fifty percent of children will watch their parents get a divorce. So how do we teach kids the right messages about life, love, responsibilities, and relationships split between two bitter households? Let’s get this clear: getting a divorce is very often the right decision. Studies have shown that Read More

7 Ways to Protect Your Child’s Mental Health in a Divorce

In the United States, May is Mental Health Awareness Month. As part of the month, we are shining a spotlight on an under-discussed topic: the mental health of young children. While great strides have been made in having open discussions about mental health among adults and teenagers, the headspace of young children tends to be under-considered. That holds doubly true of those whose parents are going through a Read More

The 4 Different Types of Restraining Orders in California

If you are in physical danger from someone else, we want to use the law to help keep you safe. This is where Restraining Orders come into play - legal court orders that protect someone from being abused, stalked, or harassed. The abuse does not have to have already happened to warrant a Restraining Order - threats are enough to get the process underway. In California, Restraining Orders can include provisions for Read More

How Can I Adopt My Step-Child in California?

Step-Parent Adoption is an exciting but delicate legal issue. It is not uncommon for step-parents to want to legally adopt their spouse’s children and share parental rights along with them. For many families, it bonds them even closer together. However, in California, only two parents can have parental rights to a child. This means that for a step-parent adoption to happen, the other biological parent must sign away Read More

Unwed Relationships: What to Do When You’re Expecting

Love is in the air. This Blog is written for February and Valentine’s Day, the celebration of romance and couplehood that we all know so well. For many couples, this Valentine’s Day will look different than many have before. Couples may be spending it simply in their living room, cooking dinner, and watching a movie. Still, there are some eternal issues, which is why we have chosen February to discuss unwed Read More

Sick and Tired? 5 Steps to Take When Considering a Divorce

Take a deep breath: you made it through the holidays. There might have been times where you thought they would never end, but they did. It is a new year, and it is a new start for all of us. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired - then it is time to get out of that house. Being stuck together inside a house during the pandemic, many couples have found themselves in constant conflict. A huge amount of Read More

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