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Your Burning Questions Answered

Have you ever wondered how a California family law case gets started, or how child support, custody, and property rights are handled in court? Our knowledgeable attorneys have recorded the answers to your most frequently asked questions in video. Be sure to check back for new videos, and contact our law firm with your pressing questions!

Domestic Abuse: Signs, Behaviors & More

Every minute, an average of 20 people are physically abused by an intimate partner.  That’s just one of the hundreds of staggering statistics dealing with domestic violence as it’s a pervasive global issue that affects individuals and families every single day. The Department of Justice defines domestic violence as physical, sexual, emotional, economic, psychological, or technological actions or threats of actions or Read More

Back-To-School, Co-Parenting, & Overcoming Challenges

The back-to-school season signals more than an upcoming change for kids. It can also create challenges for two co-parents who share time with their children. This time of the year signifies a host of difficulties as these parents work to coordinate schedules and responsibilities and how to manage the inevitable conflicts that arise. The Grey Legal Group is accustomed to helping people navigate the seen and unforeseen Read More

Back To School Scheduling With Kids: A Blog For Separated Or Divorced Parents

As school approaches, separated or divorced parents can feel as excited as they are anxious. Making critical decisions about your child’s education may become more difficult when you and your former spouse have differing opinions. With that in mind, we will explore the factors you should consider when choosing a school for your kids. Additionally, we will include tips for resolving disagreements with your former Read More

Navigating Summer Vacations: Effective Time Splitting For Divorced Parents

Divorce is a challenging and emotional experience for anyone, especially when it comes to co-parenting. It involves deciding how you will split time with your kids during summer vacation. At The Grey Legal Group, APC, we understand how fundamental it is for children to have a stable and healthy environment. We published this blog to explore different ways that divorced parents can adopt to spend quality time with Read More

Navigating Father’s Day As A Divorced Parent

If you have shared physical custody of your children, it is easy to fall into a routine—which is not a problem. Kids crave consistency; when you have a reliable schedule, they know what to expect and when it will happen. When you and your attorneys sit down to create a parenting plan, you will likely find creative ways of incorporating holidays into your established schedules. Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Read More

Navigating Mother’s Day After a Divorce: Tips for Coping and Celebrating

Mother's Day is meant to honor the special bond between moms and their kids, but if you’re recently divorced, you may not feel especially happy or positive. Instead, you may be experiencing sadness, loneliness, and guilt, even if ending the marriage was the best move for everyone. How can you move past these negative feelings and enjoy the celebration that you deserve? In this article, we'll explore some tips and Read More

Obtaining A Protection Order In California

There are three main types of Domestic Violence Restraining Orders (DVROs): Emergency Protective Orders (EPOs), Temporary Restraining Orders (TROs), and Permanent Restraining Orders. EPOs are what the name implies. They are for people in imminent danger, and typically, police officers realize someone is in a compromised position, they take immediate action, use the appropriate channels, and contact a judge to grant Read More

Pets Are Not Just Property in a California Divorce

If you own any pets, you probably see your furry (or scaly, shelled, gilled, feathered) friend as a legitimate member of your family. The unconditional love we receive from our domesticated animals is truly irreplicable. It might shock you, then, that the vast majority of states treat pets as just another piece of property in a divorce or separation. California, a relatively forward-thinking state, is one exception. Read More

Parenting Plans That Work For Members Of The Military

  In previous posts, we discussed the unique considerations of a military divorce. Though the process is no different than a civilian one, it is important to recognize there are hurdles to overcome. Previously, we have discussed how to divide your assets, such as your pension. Today, we will explain some ways a parenting plan works despite the unpredictability and demands of an active-duty servicemember.  Before we Read More

Kids Ages and Custody: How Much Time Will a Child Spend with Each Parent?

It goes without saying: the kid’s needs should always be the highest priority when designing a custody plan. As you navigate divorce and look for amicable solutions, it’s helpful to consider daily routines that worked in the past. Use these parental roles and involvement to find the best solutions to support everyone’s needs. The children’s ages are important to consider as you create the terms for a custody Read More

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