Your Next Chapter: Three Tips for Thriving Post-Divorce

When all is said and done and the divorce papers are signed, what’s on your horizon for the future? Transitioning into your next chapter of life might seem intimidating, but in fact it is a time full of opportunity, beauty, and transformation. When you shed your identity as someone’s spouse, you then get to create a new identity as an empowered single man or woman, who is better and wiser than you’ve ever been before. In today’s blog post, we’re sharing our tips for making the most of this exciting time.

  1. Try something you’ve always wanted to try.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to give horseback riding a shot but could never convince your spouse to go with you. Or perhaps you’ve toyed with the idea of taking an art class, but never felt like you had the time because of your obligations at home. Now is the time! Whether you’re interested in traveling, taking up a new hobby, or learning a new skill, go for it! We suspect it will feel amazing to realize nothing is holding you back and the world is your oyster.

  1. Nurture your relationships with family and friends.

For many, the divorce process can be a wake up about what your priorities are in life. Who or what can you rely on no matter what? Family members and friends who stick with you through thick and thin are worth celebrating. They can also help you move on from the past and make a plan for building a brighter future. 

  1. Don’t hold yourself to arbitrary timelines when it comes to starting a new relationship.

“Why aren’t you putting yourself out there? You’re single now and not getting any younger!” some might say. Others will scold, “You’re dating again already? Don’t you think that’s a little premature?” Whether you want to start dating again right away, or wait a year, or wait five years, or wait ten years, or wait twenty years, or stay single forever, it’s really nobody’s business but your own. Some people will profess to know a formula where you can calculate the perfect time to start dating again based on your age and the length of your marriage. Don’t listen to any of it. Everyone is unique and you don’t need to put pressure on yourself to match an arbitrary timeline or anyone else’s expectation of you.

If you are facing a divorce, you will need an experienced family law attorney to guide you through the process and defend your rights. The Grey Legal Group, APC is here to help. Contact us today!

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