New Beginnings: 3 Tips to Starting a New Life Following Divorce

For many of those who experience divorce, the period just after the papers are signed can be as equally challenging as the divorce itself. For some, starting a new life following the divorce may be even more difficult and confusing. For example, a newly divorced person may find it hard to re-adjust to living as a single person again. Additionally, a new set of circumstances related to custody arrangements, a change in the financial status, or the necessity to move can put additional strain on both one’s physical and mental health. All these challenges combined can make it seem as if rebuilding one’s life after a divorce – and finding personal happiness again – is a monumental task whose end result is nothing but certain.

However, as the experience of many divorced men and women shows, moving on after divorce and finding a new path to personal success and happiness is possible despite all these challenges. In this article, you will find a few simple tips that can help you start a new, happy life following divorce

  1. Let Go of Negative Feelings

To a certain extent, it may be natural to experience feelings of bitterness, resentment, or even anger directed at your ex or related to the divorce process itself. After all, divorce represents a profound and complex loss – and negative feelings are a part of the grieving process that inevitably follows. However, even though these emotions play an important role in moving on, clinging to them can not only be counterproductive, but it can also hamper your way to your post-divorce happiness.

Therefore, if negative feelings still plague you months or even years after your divorce, take a proactive approach to fighting them. Recognize what triggers these emotions by retracing the process that led to them. Learn to avoid these triggers and replace negative feelings with positive ones. Additionally, remember that the more mental energy you use to relive the negative experience, the less of it you will have to experience positive things around you.

  1. Make New Social Connections

Social life post-divorce can be complicated. Navigating the landscape of friendships and acquaintances that you shared with your ex-spouse can be stressful and tricky. Still, however you decide to conduct your social life, the one thing you shouldn’t do is isolate yourself. Nurture the friendships that you’ve had for years and, at the same time, try making new social connections. Your trusted friends will surely give you advice, positivity, and even a shoulder to cry on when you need the most while making new acquaintances will help you find happiness in knowing that you are truly moving on.

  1. Stay Healthy

This may sound like a cliche but there is plenty of scientific evidence that better physical health can help you become happier and have a more positive outlook on life. Therefore, remember to get a sufficient amount of sleep, exercise, and try to have a balanced diet.

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