Getting Divorced? How to Protect Your Kids through the Process

Going through a divorce is difficult for everyone involved, especially the kids. In order to minimize any negative impact on children, it is important to consciously make an effort to shelter them from any type of drama, negativity, and other common issues that arise during a divorce.  Of course, this is much easier said than done. Read through the following proven tips and see which ones will work in your situation.

Avoid Fighting in Front of the Kids

While this one may seem obvious, it is also the most difficult. If you and your ex are still living in the same house, conflict can seem like the norm, so try to minimize it when the kids are around. If you are already living separately, make sure you aren’t having arguments over the phone within earshot of children. Anything you can do to present them with a calm and comforting environment for the kids will help them to get through this in as good a shape as possible.

Avoid Social Media Negativity

In today’s high-tech world, posting about your divorce on Facebook or other social media sites can seem cathartic. The fact is, however, that doing so can come back to hurt your kids. If you are in a child custody battle, these posts could be potentially used against your claim for custody.

Never Use Children as Pawns

Regardless of your personal feelings about your soon-to-be ex, never use the children against them. Don’t badmouth their other parent to them, or tell them that they can’t see them. While this may indeed hurt your ex, it will hurt the children far more, and can leave emotional scars that last a lifetime.

Let Your Children Work Through Their Emotions

Divorce can be a very traumatic event in a child’s life, and they will be experiencing a lot of emotions before, during, and after the divorce itself. Try to talk to them about it, and get them to work through it with you. It can also be helpful to have your kids see a therapist who specializes in child counseling.

Get Through the Divorce as Quickly as Possible

The actual divorce is often the most difficult for kids, so it is not something you want to prolong if possible. Work with an experienced California divorce lawyer to make sure everything proceeds smoothly and concluded efficiently. Please contact the Grey Legal Group to learn more about how we can help protect your rights, and those of your family, today.

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