Five Unexpected Feelings You Might Experience During Your Divorce

The end of a marriage is never easy. If you’ve decided to get a divorce, you’re probably expecting to feel a lot of negative feelings throughout the process — grief, bitterness, anger, worry, stress. While it’s true that these are feelings you’re likely to encounter, you may be surprised by some of the more positive emotions you experience along the way. After all, you wouldn’t be getting a divorce if everything about your marriage was happy and perfect. Most people who get a divorce look at it as a difficult decision that they have to make in order to, ultimately, make their lives better. At The Grey Legal Group, we’ve watched our clients surprise themselves with the many positive emotions they find themselves experiencing during divorce.

1. Relief.

You can finally stop fighting for something that isn’t going to work. Many of our clients find that getting a divorce allows them to truly rest for the first time in a long time. They’re no longer worried about saving something that feels doomed. Some report relief from the pressure of trying to be perfect, because they felt that that was what it was going to take to make their spouse love them the way they wanted to be loved. Other report feeling relief from no longer constantly trying to make a point or prove something. Relief comes in many forms and you are likely to experience it during your divorce.

2. Hope.

Living in a failing marriage can make you lose your sense of hope and optimism. You can lose your hope for a happy future, your hope for your career, your hope for your personal development. When the fog and gloom of your marriage lifts, it can be incredibly energizing to rediscover your hope.

3. Pride.

Many of our clients report that they feel very proud of themselves, when all is said and done, for making the right choice and having the strength to carry it out. Navigating a divorce takes courage, and we love seeing our clients reach a turning point where they suddenly realize, “I’m really doing this. It’s actually happening. I followed my heart. I’m so proud that I was courageous enough to get here.”

4. Curiosity.

When you’re getting a divorce, you may be surprised by the excitement and curiosity you feel when you think about the future. Now that you’re free from your former spouse, what adventures await? What will you do with the next chapter of your life? Where will you travel? What developments will you make in your career? What new and interesting people will you meet? These questions are extremely exciting to consider!

5. Freedom.

When you’re divorced and no longer tied down, you can expect to feel a beautiful sense of freedom. The world is your oyster. You can go where you want, when you want, and do what you want, when you want. For many divorcees, especially those who have been tethered to their former spouse for a long period of time, this feeling of freedom is extremely invigorating.

If you have decided that divorce is the right path for you, contact The Grey Legal Group today. We have extensive experience helping clients navigate the legalities of their divorce process so that they can focus on their emotions as they leave their failing marriage and start a new chapter. To learn more about how we can help you in your case, give us a call at (951) 587-8970.

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