Christmas & Co-Parenting

Spending the holidays with your family is a special time. People travel to see one another, there is additional time off from work, children are excited. Even seeing our kids embrace some of the magic during the holidays allows us to relive fond memories of our through a new generation. 

When you separate or divorce, many aspects of your life are greatly altered. Though you may no longer be a husband or wife, you remain a mother or father. Remember that. Despite the differences, the most important thing in your life—your loving role as a parent—remains the same. Here are some basic ideas and concepts to help you and your children make the most of the holidays.

Prioritize The Right Thing

As a parent, seeing our children engage in a holiday tradition brings us a lot of joy. When they smile, we do too. If you and your former spouse are still sorting through how to navigate the holidays, take a moment and consider what your kids want. 

For example, if this is your first year as a divorced parent, you may be eager to begin your own traditions around the house—new ones that don’t remind you of past years. Although that may be easier and somewhat exciting for you, that doesn’t mean your children will embrace it as quickly as you. Take their wishes into account and do what makes them the happiest. 

Change Is…

After a divorce, people may try to help you through it by reminding you that “change is good.” They may be saying it because they secretly believe that change is the opposite. When you think about it objectively, change happens every year, regardless of whether you get divorced or not. Kids get older, people move, relationships begin and end. 

The focus here is to not fall into the trap that your holidays will be worse than before now that you are divorced. They don’t have to be. Allow yourself the time to appreciate this new chapter in your life, and that you get to spend it with your kids. 

An Emotional Time

Depending on your circumstances, there may be holidays that you spend without your children. And that can be an emotionally complex time. The fear is to not make it an emotionally confusing time. For instance, you may question decisions you made that created the scenario you are in.

Your marriage likely ended for several reasons. Allow yourself to be sad without judgment. Carve out time to speak with a mental health professional or friends and family. Talking through something you are feeling is a healthy way of processing an emotion and allowing it to pass. 

The Grey Legal Group

The divorce process can be a difficult period in your life. As highlighted with the previously stated example of Christmas, there are challenges that may surface even after it has concluded.  

If you are about to begin the process of divorce, put your trust in The Grey Legal Group. Contact us to schedule a consultation. We are eager to sit down with you and explain how we can help you with issues such as divorce, child custody, and many other family law matters.

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The Grey Legal Group

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