3 Red Flags That May Indicate Your Partner Is Hiding Assets

One of the most important legal steps in a divorce is a fair and equitable division of marital property. In order to do so, both spouses must commit to an honest disclosure of all their assets, earnings, and debt. In California, community property - that is, property owned equally by both spouses - must be divided equally. In an amicable divorce, both parties are usually able to reach an agreement with regards to how Read More

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing Divorce

When a person feels trapped in an unhappy marriage, a divorce may seem like a swift solution to the marital problems. To some adults disillusioned by their married life, it may even look like the only way to regain happiness. However, research indicates that going through a divorce may cause a whole range of psychological issues such as increased stress, lowers life satisfaction, depression, and even increased Read More

3 Ways to Financially Prepare for Divorce

A divorce may result in sudden changes in a person’s life. Whether it’s living on your own, figuring out the complexities of child visitation rights, or finding a completely new set of friends, such changes are often drastic and difficult to adjust to. Some of them may even be difficult to foresee before a divorce. Nevertheless, one important and easily-anticipated adjustment a person who is going into a divorce Read More

How is Child Custody Determined in California?

Disputes regarding child custody are often the most stressful and most contentious aspect of a divorce. Each of the divorcing parents may be equally convinced that it will be in the child’s best interest if they are granted the custody rights. It is likely, however, that the divorcing parents already differ greatly with regards to what constitutes the child’s best interest, as well as how he or she should be raised. Read More

6 Tips for a Smooth Divorce

Heartbreaking though it is, the dissolution of your marriage has become a reality and your divorce is now well underway. Sadly, the experience is likely going to be very stressful for all the parties involved - you, your soon-to-be-former partner, and your children. However, not every divorce must be a horror story. In fact, even though the relationship between you and your spouse will never be the same again, it is Read More

Military Divorce: How Your Divorce May Impact Retirement Benefits

Dividing property and assets can be an emotionally-charged, contentious aspect of every divorce. An important aspect of this process is handling the division of retirement savings. The rules that govern how money from retirement savings is split between the spouses in a divorce may seem complicated. This is especially true in the case of a military divorce. Due to the complex intersection of civilian law and military Read More

California Family Law: How Is Property Divided in Divorce?

Dividing property is one of the most stressful aspects of divorce that can sometimes lead to prolonged and bitter disputes. If a couple cannot agree upon the key aspects of the division, it may be the court that ultimately decides who ends up with what when the divorce comes into effect. Of course, the decision of the court is based on the guidelines provided by California family law. In this article, we will Read More

How to Find the Right Guardian for Your Child

Choosing a guardian for one’s child is probably the single hardest decision a parent can ever make. For some parents, the mere thought of another person raising their child may be so heart-wrenching that they avoid making this decision altogether. However, not choosing a suitable guardian for your minor child may actually jeopardize their future emotional and financial stability. How so? In case of parents’ Read More

California Family Law Basics: Understanding the Legal Basis for Terminating Parental Rights to a Child

The “termination of parental rights” is a process that completely severs any and all legal ties a parent has with a child. As a result of the termination, that parent no longer has any obligations towards, and relinquish all legal rights, over the children. A termination of parental rights is an extreme process, and in most cases, it is irreversible. That's why the regulations that govern it in California are Read More

Understanding Visitation Rights in a Military Divorce

A divorce with children is always going to be more complicated. It will require some effort to establish a visitation schedule that works for everyone involved. For military couples, this process can be even more difficult given it will likely involve deployments, unpredictable hours, and other issues. Whether one or both parents are in the military, it is important to know your rights when it comes to visitation Read More