The Impact of Relocation on Child Support

When a divorced parent decides to move, it affects more than just their living situation. Child support and custody arrangements can also change. Understanding how these changes impact child support is important for both parents. This topic is especially relevant for those dealing with interstate child support orders. Take a minute to learn how relocation affects your financial responsibilities. The decision to move Read More

Considerations In A High-Net-Worth Divorce

Divorce is one of the hardest events a person can go through. There are many complicated aspects and considerations when it comes to any divorce, but when the couple is in possession of high-value assets, the questions, decisions, and potential complications become astronomical. If you are initiating divorce as a high-net-worth couple, there are particular issues that you should take into account. The Grey Legal Read More

What to Do If Alimony Payments Stop Unexpectedly

Alimony is a court-ordered financial support mechanism, and it is for those who've historically been non-working or part-time working spouses, particularly following a divorce. This support is intended to sustain the living standards they were accustomed to during marriage. However, situations may arise where these payments cease unexpectedly, leading to financial instability. Sometimes, your spouse threatens not to Read More

Combating False Allegations During Custody Proceedings

Custody battles are contentious even under normal circumstances. However, there are some people who will try to gain the upper hand in court through nefarious means, which includes making false allegations of child abuse. If you find yourself on the receiving end of these allegations, you might feel helpless and scared. You might worry that if you can’t effectively refute these allegations, you will lose out on Read More

Prioritizing Self-Care & Financial Health For Single Moms

Being a single mom has unique demands and rewards. It requires a balance of love, energy, and dedication. For many single moms, the day-to-day responsibilities of raising children, managing household duties, and often maintaining a career lead to their needs being sidelined. This relentless pace puts your health and well-being last on the priority list. However, taking steps to care for yourself and manage finances Read More

Reevaluating Prenuptial Agreements: A Practical Approach to Marriage Protection

The idea that discussing finances before marriage will sour your relationship is a common one. Yet, a deeper (and more precise) examination of prenuptial agreements reveals that having a comprehensive plan for your shared future can draw you closer. Engaging in conversations about prenuptial agreements allows both partners to feel secure and understood, focusing on the protection of the relationship as well as the Read More

How Mental Health Affects Child Custody Arrangements

It’s a nightmare scenario for any parent: you and your ex have settled or are in the process of deciding custody for your children, and you have significant doubts about the mental wellness of your co-parent. If your ex is suffering from suicidal ideation, drug and alcohol dependency, or another type of mental illness, do these factors play a part in your custody case? California law says yes. The team of family Read More

The Importance of Kindness In Fostering Healthy Co-Parenting Relationships

Co-parenting is a challenge, but it is one that both parents have to embrace following a separation or divorce. Incorporating kindness into your approach to co-parenting leads to better outcomes for everyone involved, especially the children. Understandably, separated parents may have lingering feelings of resentment and anger, but there needs to be a shift that puts children at the center. Begin viewing your Read More

Comprehensive Overview Of Child Support In California

When it comes to raising children, you’re probably familiar with the saying “It takes a village.” This age-old proverb emphasizes the effort and support - including monetary support - needed by more than one party to ensure a child’s needs are met. While having the opportunity to raise children is a gift, it’s also challenging, even for couples who are together and well-off financially. For single parents, it can be Read More

New Beginnings: The Power of Kindness in Child Custody Agreements

This month we are focusing on new beginnings as we inch forward in the New Year. Although many people would not equate this concept to divorce, it is important to remember that the things you do during the divorce process will impact the next chapter of your life. With that in mind, working through child custody agreements is challenging for families. It is often marked by conflict and emotional distress. However, Read More

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