6 Things To Avoid Doing During Your Divorce

Divorce is undeniably one of the most difficult transitions you can go through, no matter what your reasons are for getting one. The legal and emotional implications can have serious short and long-term effects on your life. You’re likely aware that as you navigate the sensitive process of ending your marriage, there are a myriad of steps you need to take to reach an ideal resolution. There are also a variety of things you should avoid doing during your divorce in order to sidestep possible pitfalls and delays that might compromise a good outcome.

As you close this chapter of your life, and begin a new one, consider the following six things to avoid in the midst of your divorce.

6 Things To Avoid Doing During Your Divorce

1. Neglecting Legal Guidance

The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to divorce is neglecting to enlist professional legal guidance. There are a substantial amount of legal intricacies involved in the divorce process that can be challenging to navigate on your own. Having a seasoned divorce attorney in your corner can ensure you understand all of your legal options, and give you an advantage in reaching your ideal outcome.

Many people will forgo professional assistance for a “DIY Divorce.” This can lead to a world of trouble, as generic DIY divorce templates not only typically lack the language that makes them legally compliant with the most recent state-specific laws, but also are crafted to fit every situation. A divorce attorney understands that every marriage and divorce is unique. The terms of a good divorce agreement take into account your unique goals, financials, and more.

2.Letting Emotions Drive Decision-Making

It’s easy to allow your emotions to take the front seat in divorce. It is, after all, the end of a significant relationship. When you add dividing assets and marital debts in the mix, other unforeseen emotions and possible conflict may arise. When you let your emotions take control, your best judgment can become clouded and alter your ability to make informed decisions about your future.

While you shouldn’t necessarily move your emotions completely to the back burner (and it’s nearly impossible to do), separating your feelings from the facts of your case can allow you to be rational throughout the entire process.

3. Ignoring Financial Planning

Planning for your finances is one of the most crucial aspects of divorce when it comes to securing your financial future. Rushing through the process of financial planning or failing to do so altogether is something you need to avoid. If you want to retain control of your finances, you should explore your options for developing a strategy.

One of the best strategies to utilize is the mediation process. By working collaboratively with your spouse, you can keep the control of your assets in your hands, rather than letting a judge decide your fate.

4. Neglecting Children’s Well-Being

As difficult as divorce is for you and your spouse, it’s just as hard, if not harder, for your beloved children. Even if divorce is what’s best for your entire family, it is still a disruption to your children’s lives as they know it. They may struggle to grasp the reasons for your separation, especially if they’re young. It’s important that you don’t neglect their well-being throughout your divorce process.

Jamie Howard, PhD, a psychologist at the Child Mind Institute, recommends that both parents share the news together with their children, having agreed to what specifically would be shared ahead of time. This can show your child(ren) that you and their other parent are still on the same team.

Since studies show that parents in conflict cause the most damage to children, working collaboratively with your co-parent during the divorce process can provide a better environment for the whole family and your children’s overall well-being.

5. Misuse Of Social Media

We live in a day and age where everything is shared on social media. When it comes to special memories, birthdays, and holidays, this isn’t such a bad thing. There are, however, a multitude of things that shouldn’t be shared on social media in the midst of divorce. For example, you should avoid posting anything about your finances, ongoing legal proceedings, and disputes over property and assets. You should also avoid speaking negatively about your spouse on posts or in comments as that can escalate conflict.

Consider that anything you share online could possibly be used against you by your spouse to prove any points or ulterior motives they might have. Using your discretion throughout your divorce is the best way to keep personal matters private.

6. Disregarding Court Orders And Agreements

Another thing you should avoid doing during divorce is disregarding any court orders or agreements. A court order is a decision that is issued by the court. Court orders can be simple or complex depending on the situation, but no matter what the decision is, it’s important to recognize that these orders and other agreements are serious, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. These are not mere suggestions, but binding legal directives.

If you don’t adhere to court orders, you can be punished for civil contempt. Civil contempt sanctions aim to do one of two things: either restore the rights of the party who was wronged by the failure to satisfy the court’s order, or move an underlying proceeding along. Failure to abide by court orders could lead to an inability to reach your preferred outcome at the end of your case.

How The Grey Legal Group Can Help You 

If you and your spouse have made the decision to go your separate ways, we can help you through the journey ahead. We understand how personal and sensitive divorce matters are, so you can trust that we will handle your case with the attention and care that it deserves.

If divorce is too permanent of a decision to make now, we can also explain your options for separation. If you share children with your spouse, we can help you navigate custody matters.

Call The Grey Legal Group today to schedule a free initial consultation with a member of our team and discover your next steps. We’ll help you achieve freedom when you need it most!

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