5 Helpful Back to School Tips for Divorced Parents

Saying goodbye to the summer and going back to school is always a bittersweet time for families. This year, however, will be unlike any before. In California, the majority of students will be going back to school in person for the first time in almost two years. Some children who started kindergarten or first grade virtually will even be attending school in person for the first time ever.

That’s a big adjustment for children and parents alike – even more so for recently divorced parents. For couples who called it quits during the pandemic, this back-to-school season is also the first time they’ve dealt with their children going to school in person from two separate households. To help ease the transition, here are 5 helpful back-to-school tips for divorced parents:

Talk to Your Child About It

It may be difficult for your child to talk about their parent’s divorce. They may be focusing on how their life is different from the last time they went to school in person, or from other kids around them. Talk to your child to know how they are doing and if anything uncomfortable is coming up at school. If you have younger children, you may even want to prepare them for how to answer questions about their parents.

Let the School Know

It is important that your child’s school and teachers are aware of your divorce and living situation. This is important in terms of logistical concerns about who the school should expect picking up and dropping off your child. Your child’s teacher will also keep it in mind in terms of how they communicate with your child and anything that may be impacting their mood.

Maintain a Shared Calendar

You may already keep a shared virtual calendar with your coparent from your Parenting Plan. If not, now is the time to make one. Make sure you know who is taking your child to school and back each day, and create a plan for school holidays. Having a set emergency plan for what to do if there is an unexpected day off always helps.

Split the Cost

Whether it is tissue boxes or textbooks, school supplies don’t come cheap. Plan in advance with your child and your coparent to identify everything they need for the next year and how to split the cost of it.

Ask For Help

At The Grey Legal Group, we know that parenting is not always black and white! If you need help with your divorce or any other legal issue affecting your family, contact The Grey Legal Group today! We offer effective legal solutions for today’s modern family.

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