3 Tips for Halloween for Separated and Divorced Parents

For some co-parents, Spooky Season doesn’t mean watching scary movies or eating too much candy corn. It means having to talk to your ex. The holiday season kicks off with a sinister favorite, Halloween, which leads directly into Thanksgiving and Christmas. For many separated and divorced parents, this is the time of the year when they need to communicate most with their ex.

While it can be difficult, there are some ways you can make sure that this Halloween will be one your children remember for all the right reasons. Here are three tips for a successful Halloween organized by co-parents:

Communicate in Advance

Some Parenting Plans include provisions for Halloween, and some don’t. Some co-parents prefer to trade years having the children, while some switch halfway through the day every time. Some families celebrate it together, and some don’t celebrate it at all.

Whatever your plans are, the most important thing is communicating them well in advance. Make a plan and share it with your co-parent as early as possible so they can be prepared. If they are not offering much input, you can ask how they would like to be involved or make a point to over-communicate your plan so they are fully aware of it.

Set the Same Standards

Halloween is a hugely exciting time for children. There is so much to do, much of it rare experiences: dressing up in costumes, watching scary movies, and gorging yourself on candy. Set the same policies and standards on these events as your co-parent. This will help avoid your child eating an entire pound of candy twice in one week or watching a movie at your house that’s still a little too scary for them.

Consider Doing It Together

It can be fun for your child to have both their parents Trick or Treating with them. This helps increase the special feeling of the event, and avoids a time battle of doing it twice in two neighborhoods. If this isn’t possible, don’t push it, but if it is, consider giving it a go.

Get the Help You Need

At The Grey Legal Group, we know that the law is not always black and white – and Halloween is not always orange and purple. When it comes to organizing holidays, communication and preparation are key. For help with any divorce and family legal matters, contact The Grey Legal Group today! Visit our brand new website to see all the ways we can help. We will guide you through each step of your family law journey!

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