3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing Divorce

When a person feels trapped in an unhappy marriage, a divorce may seem like a swift solution to the marital problems. To some adults disillusioned by their married life, it may even look like the only way to regain happiness. However, research indicates that going through a divorce may cause a whole range of psychological issues such as increased stress, lowers life satisfaction, depression, and even increased mortality risk.

Of course, studies and research shouldn’t be taken to mean that a divorce is never a good solution. Ultimately, it is a personal decision whether to pursue a legal dissolution of one’s marriage and each person must weigh potential benefits and risks carefully. Nevertheless, it is clear that it’s not a decision to rush into or to take lightly. The questions we mention in this article will help you realize if divorce is really what you want, need, and are prepared to pursue.

Will I wish I would have worked harder on my marriage?

Regret over a past decision is a hugely negative factor, and one that can considerably decrease one’s happiness and overall life satisfaction. Therefore, before making a decision to end one’s marriage, a person should ask themselves how they will feel about this decision in 5 or 10 years time. Studies indicate that a considerable number of divorcees wish they had worked harder to resolve their differences. Many state that they have at least some regrets about their divorce.

In order to make sure you won’t have regrets or second thoughts about your divorce when it’s already too late, ask yourself if you and your spouse have exhausted all available avenues to save your marriage. If not, why not give it another try? Doing so may save your marriage; but even if it doesn’t turn out that way, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that your decision to divorce wasn’t a rushed one.

Am I Financially Prepared for a Divorce?

Some people may not fully realize the financial cost a divorce may entail. According to some estimates, all the expenses related to a standard lawyer can range from $15,000 to $32,000. While the financial fallout of a divorce affects both spouses, statistics also show that women are in a much riskier financial position once the divorce papers are signed. For example, the data from the U.S. Government Accountability Office indicates that after divorce, women’s household income may fall by as much as 41%.

While the financial aspect of a divorce may not be the decisive factor, it is nevertheless an aspect worth careful consideration. If you are not sure if you are prepared to bear the costs a divorce entails, talking to a financial adviser or a lawyer may help.

Do I Have a Support Network?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, divorce is usually a very stressful experience that will affect your overall physical and emotional health. It may be extremely challenging to face all these struggles on your own. Therefore, before taking a decision to end your marriage, try to look for support from friends and trusted family members. Take active steps to build a support network that will see you through your darkest moment both during and after the divorce. This article contains more helpful advice on how to build such a support network.

Talk to a Trusted Divorce Attorney

If you feel like you have legitimate reasons to pursue a legal dissolution of marriage, the first step you should take is to talk to a divorce attorney. At The Grey Legal Group, we take pride in our compassionate and thorough approach to divorce cases. We take time to answer all clients’ questions and doubts to make sure they are adequately prepared for everything that the divorce process entails. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or issues related to a divorce in California.

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