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Getting divorced is never an easy thing to do, especially when there are children involved. In addition to dividing up your assets, debts, property, and more, you now have to divide up your time with your children – the most important people in your life. Whether matters between you and your children’s other parent are already contentious, or you’re on amicable terms, it’s easy to allow your emotions to take control, which can prohibit you from making decisions about custody that are truly in your children’s best interests.

That’s why you need to have one of our experienced French Valley custody lawyers in your corner who can help you separate your emotions from the facts of your case, and create the ideal arrangement for your family. Call today to schedule a free initial consultation with a member of our team and learn about your options.

California Custody Considerations

Like many other states, there are two types of custody in California: legal and physical. Legal custody refers to which parent will have the decision-making power and responsibilities when it comes to matters like education, healthcare, religion, and more. Physical custody refers to which parent the children will primarily reside with. Both types of custody can be owned solely by one parent or shared jointly by both.

While the state of California prefers a joint custody situation, this isn’t possible for every family, specifically those who have extenuating circumstances like one parent having a history of domestic violence or substance abuse. If that does not describe your situation, and you and your spouse cannot agree on the terms of your custody arrangement, a judge will ultimately make that decision for you based on the following factors:

  • The age and health of the children
  • The nature of the children’s relationship with both parents
  • The children’s ties to their school, home, and community
  • And more!

Why Do You Need Our French Valley Custody Lawyers?

Custody is a legal process that can be complex. Our French Valley custody lawyers can help with time-sensitive paperwork, court appearances, negotiations, and possible disputes, which can save you from making costly mistakes, and also give you the time to focus on your children’s well-being. This is just as much of an emotional transition for them as it is for you, so finding a solution that is crafted in their best interest is our top priority.

Because no one knows your children like you do, we like to keep the decision making power in your hands, rather than in the hands of a judge who doesn’t fully understand your children’s needs. However, we know that isn’t always an option. If for some reason your custody case becomes contentious, we know how to help you navigate the complexities with compassion and legal finesse.

We can also assist you with creating a schedule for holidays and special occasions, visitation (if one parent has sole physical custody), relocation (if one parent or the children’s circumstances change and require relocation), child support, and more.

How The Grey Legal Group Can Help You!

If you and your spouse have decided to part ways and you need to create a custody arrangement that will ensure the best possible future for your children, The Grey Legal Group will put your goals and needs at the forefront. You can trust that our French Valley custody lawyers will handle your case with the care and sensitivity it deserves. Allow our skilled team to diligently advocate for your parental rights, and protect your interests throughout the custody process. Call today to schedule a free initial consultation with a member of our team!

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