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If you are a parent going through a divorce, your first priorities are most likely attending to your children, keeping them sheltered from divorce fallout, and ensuring that your future with them will not be compromised. As a parent, you want to always be a part of their lives, and though divorce might seem like a huge threat to your time with them, you have people on your side who want the best for all of you.

The Eastvale custody lawyers at The Grey Legal Group treat the interests of each child as though they are our own. We can help you make sure your interests are represented in court, and we will advocate for you to have the time with your children that you deserve. Reach out to schedule a free initial consultation with a member of our team, and we will review with you how we can help strategize for a child custody arrangement that will be advantageous to you.

Child Custody Decisions In California

One of the essential things you need to understand about arranging custody is that there are a variety of ways custody can shake out. There are different types of custody, including but not limited to:

  • Legal custody: The parent with legal custody of the child has the ability to make decisions regarding the child, such as where they will go to school, how their healthcare decisions will be made, where and if they go to religious services, and what they do with their free time.
  • Physical custody: The parent with physical custody is the parent with whom the child resides. Typically this parent will also have legal custody.
  • Joint custody: Joint custody occurs when parents share legal and physical custody of the child. The child will split time based on a court-approved schedule between both parents.

So how exactly are these custody decisions made? No two children are the same, so there will be a lot of circumstantial elements involved in the decision. For the most part, however, a California judge will endeavor to make decisions that are in the best interest of the child. Generally, having access to both parents is considered in the child’s best interest, except in cases where a parent is abusive or suffers from issues such as drug or alcohol dependency.

Our Eastvale custody lawyers can make a case for you based on circumstances the judge will be evaluating for parental custody fitness. These circumstances will include such considerations as:

  • Which parent shares a special bond with the child?
  • Which parent has been the primary caretaker for the child?
  • Which parent has more time to dedicate to the child?
  • Which parent can provide the child with a better residence?
  • Which parent has more money to support the child?

These are not the only questions that will be applicable, but they are representative of the types of issues that the court will want you to address in order to win the custody arrangement that you want.

Our Eastvale Custody Lawyers Can Help

Working with the lawyers of The Grey Legal Group can help you strengthen your case for the custody arrangement you prefer, and we can help guide you through the aspects of custody that might seem difficult or confusing. In addition to helping with your custody arrangement, we are here to help you with custody-related issues that might come up now or in the future, including:

  • Arranging schedules for holidays
  • Visitation
  • Relocation of one parent
  • Enforcing child support
  • And more!

We want you to have the time with your child that you desire, and we can help guide you through the process.

The Grey Legal Group Offers Child Custody Guidance

Custody battles are an emotional, volatile process, but when you have a legal champion on your side, you can work to protect the life you wish to lead with your children. At The Grey Legal Group, we will protect you like you are our own family. Reach out to schedule a free initial consultation with a member of our team and discover how we can fight for you and your family.

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