Client Concierge Needed

We have an immediate opening for a Rock Star Client Concierge to join our team

We want to assure you – this is a real position at a real company that really needs a rock star on our team. We are looking for a Client Concierge for our Murrieta, CA office. This important position involves administrative duties related to reception, customer service, client intake, client retention, management of paper and electronic files, and direct support of our entire team.  Most importantly it is an opportunity to our ambassador of first impressions. 

We are not your typical small family law firm. Our entrepreneurial law firm is poised for aggressive growth, and we’re looking for a Client Concierge who can hit the ground running to give callers and visitors an outstanding customer service experience.

Our Client Concierge will build relationships with people who contact our firm looking for help with a legal or personal crisis. Our clients are in a place of vulnerability. Sometimes they’re scared, sometimes they’re angry and they’re almost always stressed.  Success in this position requires that you display a combination of being calm under pressure, empathy, respect, and maturity. You will play an integral role in creating memorable experiences for clients and everyone else who contacts our firm.

Ideally, you will have experience as a Receptionist, Secretary or Legal Assistant in a law firm, but we are willing to train the right Administrative Assistant, Secretary or service-minded office professional.   Your personality, character, intelligence, and integrity are also extremely important considerations.   You must have positive energy, adaptable to change and not easily offended. 

We will teach you everything you need to know about working in a family law firm as long as you are dedicated to learning and following instructions. 

Oh, and we are growing, so you will be called upon to wear many hats. You need to be able to change gears quickly … with a smile.

If the following describes you, then YOU may be the superstar we are looking for:

  • You believe it’s important to greet all potential and existing clients with a warm, friendly welcome
  • You answer the phone with a smile
  • You are skilled at communicating with people on the phone, in person and by email
  • You are a relationship-builder who is comfortable interacting with different types of personalities and all levels of authority, even if they’re not at their best
  • You see an opportunity for organization where others see a mess
  • You are eager to learn new tasks and computer systems
  • You know your ABC’s without singing (and know why that’s important)
  • You value doing it right the first time, so proofread your work and double-check details
  • You know what happens in the office, stays in the office
  • You genuinely care about clients and want to deliver an experience that turns them into raving fans.

Your basic responsibilities:

  • Answer phones and welcome guests
  • Schedule appointments and manage calendars
  • Perform basic administrative tasks – draft documents, copy, scan, file
  • Communicate with potential and existing clients in person, by phone and email
  • Manage paper and electronic files
  • Back up team members when they need a hand or a day off
  • Maintain client confidentiality

These items are non-negotiable:

  • You must be available to work and be in the office Monday – Friday at 8:30 am.
  • You must have strong administrative skills and be detail-oriented
  • You must be comfortable working with various computer programs, databases and systems
  • You must be reliable, trustworthy and able to maintain strict confidentiality
  • You don’t think making coffee or getting our guests a beverage is beneath you
  • You must be a positive, high-energy team player who is results-oriented – No Drama!
  • You must care about something and have goals in life.

High-maintenance, humorless, self-entitled, or self-important individuals will not succeed in this position and need not apply.

Salary is commensurate with skill and experience and is negotiable. There will be opportunities for merit bonuses. We also pay for continuing education and give opportunities for personal and professional development.


To apply for the position at our Firm

  • Send an email to
  • In the Subject line, type your last name (all caps) followed by one adjective that describes you (lower case).
  • In the body of the e-mail, answer the following questions:
    • Explain what you believe are the 3 most important qualities that must be possessed by a Client Concierge working with people experiencing divorce. You should be detailed in your response, but don’t go over two paragraphs.
    • You should also tell us in another paragraph what you are looking for in a job and why you think you would be a good fit for this firm.
    • Your salary and time off requirements
    • As a closing sentence please write, “I have read the instructions contained in the job posting and have followed the instructions.”
  • Attach a PDF of your resume and send it to us.

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