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Separating from your spouse can be hard enough. When you add children and the prospect of a custody battle into the mix, it becomes infinitely more complicated, not to mention stressful. You don’t want to feel that you will potentially lose out on time with your children or that you will be separated and they will grow away from you.

Working with experienced Canyon Lake custody lawyers such as those at The Grey Legal Group can help you put these worries to rest. When you schedule an initial consultation with a member of our team, we will always offer you legal guidance that’s in the best interest of you and your child. Let us reduce some of your stress as you pave the way for the next stage in your life, a life that we believe can include happiness and stability for yourself and your children.

What Does A California Judge Consider In A Custody Case?

There are two types of custody recognized in the state of California, as in many other states. When a parent has legal custody of a child, they are able to decide the life circumstances of the child, including aspects such as what they will do on a day-to-day basis, where they will go to school, what they will wear, what healthcare decisions will be made on their behalf, etc. 

When a parent has physical custody of a child, they are the parent with whom the child lives. Parents can share these types of custody equally, which is referred to as joint custody, or one parent can be responsible for both types of custody, or a parent can have no custody at all.

The paramount issue when deciding on custody is that the arrangement be in the best interest of the child. A judge will want to do everything in their power to make choices that will allow your child to thrive. In most cases, this means that a judge will do what they can to award each parent a fair share of custody since it’s important that children have time with both of their parents. 

However, if your ex-spouse has a history of violence or substance abuse or some other issue that would make them unfit for custody, our Canyon Lake custody lawyers can fight for you to have sole custody of your children. 

Other factors that have the potential to influence your custody arrangement include:

  • Which parent has more time to spend with the child
  • Which parent has the resources to provide a better quality of life for the child
  • Which parent the child feels most attached to
  • Which parent can provide the most consistency for the child

And more! Reach out to The Grey Legal Group to discuss specific concerns regarding the needs of your child.

How Our Canyon Lake Custody Lawyers Can Help

The process of legal custody is incredibly complex and can be emotionally exhausting. When there’s so much on the line, you want professional guidance–it’s not a good idea to try to represent yourself when you have everything to lose. We can help you deal with paperwork, let you know what is expected with regard to court appearances, help you negotiate, and walk you through any legal procedures. We are also deeply concerned with the welfare of you and your children.

Additionally, we can help you with other aspects of custody, including: 

  • Schedules for special occasions like holidays
  • Visitation
  • Relocation of one parent
  • Child support enforcement
  • And more!

Let The Grey Legal Group Give You An Advantage In Your Custody Arrangement

We understand that seeking a custody arrangement can make you feel vulnerable, emotional, volatile, or depressed. We can help support you during this time and give you reassurance that you will still have a life fulfilled by your children. Reach out to schedule a consultation with a member of our team and learn how we can offer you peace of mind.

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