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Family law can get complicated, which is why it’s always important to have guidance from a qualified lawyer. Two attorneys at The Grey Legal Group, Michael Bender and Allison Tilton, have made a weekly commitment to showcase their decades of knowledge on Facebook Live, where they will answer your general questions about California family law. If you’d like to participate, go ahead and submit your questions using this online form. Our lawyers will review the submitted questions and choose the ones they feel are most relevant to the community. Check in every Tuesday at 1:30 PM PST to hear what they have to say.

Because our Facebook Live videos are only intended to provide you with general information, and not specific legal advice, your questions will not form an attorney-client relationship with The Grey Legal Group or its attorneys. If you’d like to discuss your specific situation one-on-one, or if you’d like more personalized advice, please contact our law firm to schedule a confidential consultation. 

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