Teen Panel with Grey

The Grey Legal Group had an amazing time at the Teen Panel event, hosted by A Loving Way to Parent.

We helped build a bridge of communication between parents and teens. We had a positive affirmation board where teens were able to write and post something they love about themselves while putting together their own goodie bags.

This event allowed parents and teens to discuss different topics about mental health, school, addiction, self-image, bullying, sex, relationships, and more in a healthy environment.

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The Grey Legal Group

At The Grey Legal Group, we believe in helping all families with their legal needs so they can be protected on your journey back to a calmer, happier place of stability. Whether it is divorce, child custody, guardianship, domestic violence, or adoption, we have seen it all before and we can help you through it. With the legal knowledge and experience we bring to the table, we will be certain to find the best and most efficient solution to your situation.

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