Coronavirus/Covid-19 Resources

We find ourselves in unprecedented times as each and every one of us works to stop the spread of the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic gripping the nation.  Federal, state and local governments have taken extreme measures to ensure the spread of the virus slows and as a nation we help “flatten the curve.”  Governor Newsom’s “Safer at Home” orders urge all Californians to stay inside and allows only essential businesses to operate traditionally.  This has had a major impact on all American families as well as worldwide.  Family law cases have also been affected.  Most courts in the state have shut down and are only hearing emergency matters as well as domestic violence.

We will be hosting a webinar to review what impact the closings have on family law cases and answer questions on what should be done about custody schedules and child support payments. You can register for our webinar here. Space is limited.

Below is a list of resources for all issues that may come up during this pandemic.  From information about the Coronavirus itself to resources on calculating child support, you will see it below.  If you have additional questions or need assistance in your family law case please contact us at or call us at 951-587-8970.

Unemployment Information
Court Information
Child Support
Small Business Owners
Mortgage Information
Military TRICARE

Riverside County Free Meals for Public School Students
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