Child Support

Handling Your Sensitive Legal Issues with Care

In the state of California, courts use a specific formula to make your child support calculations. They input factors like income and responsibility over the child to come up with a dollar amount. When you’re struggling to resolve the issue of child support in your divorce, you’ll need a competent attorney to ensure your interests are properly represented in front of a judge.

Child support calculation factors include:

  • Financial assets and income
  • Proposed or existing child custody order
  • Each parent’s current job and ability to work
  • Each parent’s health and physical condition

Even if you share equal custodial time with your child, the court order may require you both to share extra expenses, like daycare and uncovered medical costs. These decisions are also made in your child’s best interest. The Grey Legal Group would be happy to answer any questions you might have about the child support formula, the factors involved, and the possible outcomes in your case.

If you’d like to discuss the details of your case in a confidential consultation, please give us a call. Our experienced family lawyers look forward to providing you with dedicated legal representation.