Child Custody & Visitation

Protect Your Child’s Best Interests

It’s important to understand the two types of custody in a divorce or separation case involving minor children. Legal custody involves your parental right to make decisions about your child’s education, healthcare, and religious upbringing, to name a few. Physical custody and visitation refers to the schedule you’ll both follow to keep the child in your care. To ensure you maintain a close watch over your child’s life, it’s imperative that you seek out an experienced attorney to assist you with child custody and visitation matters.

Courts may ask the following questions in a child custody case:

  • Does the child have a stronger relationship with one of the parents?
  • What is the distance between the homes of each parent?
  • What can each parent contribute in terms of financial assets, income, and overall ability to provide for the child?

The courts will always prioritize the child’s best interests in their decisions. At The Grey Legal Group, we encourage our clients to do the same by resolving their child custody issues outside of the stressful trial system. If you are unable to resolve your custody issues amicably, the lawyers at The Grey Legal Group will fight vigorously for what is in your child’s best interest.


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