The Basics of Child Support in California

As a divorcing parent, it’s natural to have your child’s welfare at the forefront of your concerns. Child support is designed to make sure your children have everything they need in terms of their health, education, and general wellbeing. You may have heard about child support before, but how does it actually work in the state of California? Let’s go over the basics.   What is the purpose of child Read More

6 Things You Should Expect in a California Divorce

Are you dreaming of your life after divorce? It can be hard to visualize the legal process of divorce—how it will work, how long it will take, and what you can expect from each step. If you’re pondering a divorce in the Golden State, you should get to know these key concepts.   1) You’ll need to meet some basic requirements. In order to get a divorce in California, you’ll need to meet certain criteria. Read More